Discovering Your Ultimate Guide to Allergy-Friendly Food Choices

June 2023

When it comes to food allergies, finding reliable sources of information can be crucial to safe and enjoyable eating habits. If you are still unaware of, today's article is about to change that. We will delve into's mission, offerings, and why this resource has become indispensable for those seeking allergen-friendly foods.

Going Beyond the Label
According to their website, SnackSafely goes "beyond the label" to bring users the latest information on food allergy news, research, and products. One of their primary goals is to encourage transparency among food manufacturers and to enable consumers with food allergies to make informed decisions when purchasing and consuming products. empowers users by providing details that might not always be readily available on food packaging labels. This not only saves time and effort spent on scrutinizing ingredient lists but also minimizes risks that may arise from misreading or misunderstanding labels.


The SnackSafely Guide's crown jewel is its SnackSafely Guide, a meticulously curated resource providing a comprehensive list of allergy-friendly products. The guide classifies food items based on various categories like snack, breakfast, or lunch options. Furthermore, each listed item includes detailed information about the allergens that it does not contain, enabling users to find suitable products for their specific dietary restrictions quickly.

Besides being available on the website, users can also download a PDF version of the guide to have quick access to safe food options when grocery shopping.


Collaborating with Schools
Another important facet of's mission is the "Put Your School on the Map" initiative. This campaign encourages educational institutions to join the allergy-safe movement and adopt guidelines for creating a secure snacking environment for all students. By promoting allergen-aware policies in schools, this initiative aspires to develop an inclusive and safe space for everyone, further enhancing education and awareness on food allergies.


Why SnackSafely Matters
In conclusion, SnackSafely is much more than just an online resource. It represents a community of individuals, families, and institutions striving to make the world of food a safer place for those with allergies. By providing accurate, actionable, and timely information on products and manufacturers, has created a roadmap for an allergy-safe and enjoyable snacking experience. If you haven't already, make sure to head over to their website and explore all that SnackSafely has to offer.

The Takeaway

SIMPLE Bars is an excellent example of the top-notch brands that you can find on the SnackSafely Guide. By providing tasty and healthy snacks, SIMPLE Bars shares the same goal as SnackSafely - to make eating enjoyable and safe for those with food allergies.