Our Story

“Simple was originally intended to be a personal snack, a way to help me stay off sugar and eat healthy.”

It All Started In My Kitchen

Since I couldn’t find sugar-
free snack bars, I decided to
make my own. I spent hours
mixing different nuts and
seeds to make my ‘perfect
bar’. This picture was the very
first snack bar I attempted to

The Issue..

The bars were too sticky, too
crunchy, or ended up being
solid brick!
I decided to test different
ways to heat the syrup- in
the oven instead of the
At the time, I covered pecans with maple
syrup and honey, then heated these at different
temperatures and times.

I Was Amazed By..

the fact that I could not find a single
sugar-free snack bar. Not one.
I realized I could not possibly be
the only one searching, so I
decided to make my bars
available to others. I read up on
starting your own business and
founded ‘The Simple Company’.

Working With a Food Scientist

I soon realized I needed to work
with a food scientist to
perfectionize the recipy.
This was my first time in the
lab- we ordered all sorts of
crisps to try; quinoa crisps, rice
crisps, sorghum crisps, pea
crisps, etc.

Testing, Testing, Testing

Turns out the syrup challenge was
a real issue. Even in the lab, it took
a very long time and many..




many tries!



Shiny Look

Getting the glazed and
shiny look on the bar was a

Some Travelling

Once the formula was
finalized, the next step
was finding ingredient
Where? At expos!

Joined Food Expos

Supply Side Expo

Natural Products
Expo West

Meeting New People!

Joined conferences, met with
amazing people and learned a
great deal!

Haile Thomas
Activist, Influencer

Blair Kellison
CEO of Traditional

Searching For High-Quality

This was not easy- finding
non-gmo ingredients, asking
for specs, and CoA’s, shelf-life,
date of manufacturing etc.
At these expos, I learned the
industry slang!

Trial Run!

Formula: check
Ingredients: check
Next was the test run!
Making sure we do the
bars correctly



Trademark Application

This process only took 6

Designing The Packaging

Deciding how to name each flavor,
which pantone color to use, what
information to share, all this was also a
long process..

from this

to this

We had to resize the
wrapper and test
where to place the
logo correctly.


Door-to-door, from stores
to offices and even a
fireplace station- many
people tried and loved
the bars!

This was the best way to
receive feedback on the taste
and texture of the bars.

Then, Covid hit ...

Launch date
August 1st, 2022