Podcast Interview: The Story Behind SIMPLE Bars

We're thrilled to announce that our founder Amanda Ament recently sat down with Amber Hurdle for an enlightening and inspiring podcast interview. Amber's show is renowned for deep-diving into the journeys of successful entrepreneurs, and our very own Amanda is the latest to share her story.

Discover the journey behind SIMPLE bars, a guilt-free snacking solution that banishes hidden sugars. In this captivating discussion, Amanda lifts the curtain on her seven-year journey to bring SIMPLE bars to life – and the shelves of health-conscious snacker's pantries.

In the interview, Amanda opens up about her personal health challenges. Discover how Amanda’s struggle with sugar addiction turned into a passionate fight against the hidden sugars lurking in our food. Learn about the inception of SIMPLE bars and how this revolutionary product came to be a beacon of hope for a healthier, sugar-free tomorrow.

Amber Hurdle, with her knack for highlighting the personal side of entrepreneurship, brings out Amanda's dedicated spirit and unwavering commitment to sugar-free living. Listen as Amanda shares her business challenges, victories, and the importance of resilience – valuable insights not just for diabetic or sugar-conscious individuals, but for anyone on a quest to make healthier food decisions.

Amanda's aim is not just selling tasty bars – it's about educating people about the hidden dangers of sugar, how to make informed food choices, and why snacking on a low-sugar diet can be a game-changer for managing diabetes and other health conditions. With SIMPLE bars, she's busting the myth that sugar-free snacks lack in taste, offering a solution that's as delicious as it is healthy.

Feel inspired by Amanda’s story, and join the movement towards a healthier life with less sugar. Tune in to this must-watch interview to not only learn about the story behind SIMPLE bars but also grasp the importance of perseverance, using obstacles as stepping stones, and creating a business that has a positive impact.

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