SIMPLE: Sugarwise Certified Snack Bars

We are SO excited to announce that we've been certified as a Sugarwise™!

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The Sugarwise™ certification program identifies products that are low in sugar. They were created in partnership with the Department of Health, which sets out strict guidelines to help you understand how much added sugar is in food and drink. 

"Simple bars are a new range of products that have the potential to change the way people see and consume sweet snacks." 

Rend Platings, CEO Sugarwise  


We're the first snack bar in the United States to be certified ‘No Added Sugar’ under this program.

SIMPLE bars are certified by nutrition and food science experts. In fact, the results of their study showed that simple bars have 85.5% less sugar than leading brands like kind bars and nature valley!

This means you can eat more of your favorite flavor without worrying about your health or weight!

SIMPLE bars are sweetened with allulose, a natural sweetener that has been shown to contain only 0.2 calories per gram, compared to 4 calories per gram for sugar. This means that SIMPLE bars can offer a tasty treat without the worry of consuming too much sugar.

"In completely clean label innovation, it is extremely rare to see something that has a flavour profile that not only matches but surpasses a traditional sugar coated experience." 

Rend Platings, CEO Sugarwise   

They are made with no artificial colors or flavors; they're just good ingredients like nuts, seeds and superfoods. Our bars are low-glycemic, gluten-free and vegan-friendly, too!

We're so proud of this accomplishment and hope it helps you feel good about choosing SIMPLE bars when you're looking for a snack!

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