This Month's Pick: Overcoming Sugar Addiction

At SIMPLE Bars, our mission is to disrupt the sugar packed snack industry and there's no better way than to empower our community with knowledge about sugar. That's why we're committed to recommending insightful books each month to help you make healthier choices and stay informed. 


book cover of The 21-Day Sugar Detox: Bust Sugar & Carb Cravings Naturally by Karly Randolph Pitman

Overcoming Sugar Addiction: How I Kicked My Sugar Habit and Created a Joyful Sugar Free Life offers not just nutritional advice, but also delves deep into the emotional aspects of eating. Karly Randolph Pitman shares her personal accounts of her journey and guides readers to discover their own sugar triggers and overcome them in a compassionate way.

Six Main Takeaways of the Book

  1. Addressing the Emotional Component: Karly intentionally explores the emotional depth of sugar addiction, emphasizing the importance of addressing underlying emotional issues to achieve a sugar-free life.
  2. Sharing Personal Experiences: The author's honest recount of her struggles with sugar addiction and her journey to overcoming it makes this book relatable and encouraging for readers.
  3. Understanding Sugar Triggers: Through self-reflection and guided exercises, readers can identify their own emotional triggers for sugar consumption, allowing them to address the root causes of their addiction.
  4. Compassionate Approach: The book takes a kind and empathetic approach towards the reader, providing emotional support and understanding throughout the process of overcoming sugar addiction.
  5. Practical Steps to Overcome Sugar Addiction: The author provides actionable steps to help readers break free from sugar addiction, making the process of quitting sugar less daunting.
  6. Emphasizing Personal Growth: Karly highlights the importance of personal growth and self-discovery in overcoming sugar addiction, encouraging readers to embrace challenges and growth opportunities.


About the Authors

Karly Randolph Pitman provides a fresh perspective on breaking free from sugar addiction by focusing on understanding the underlying emotions behind sugar cravings. Karly's honest and open discussion of her own struggles with sugar brings relatability to her writing that many readers will find comforting and inspirational.