This Month's Pick: Sugar Crush

At SIMPLE Bars, our mission is to disrupt the sugar packed snack industry and there's no better way than to empower our community with knowledge about sugar. That's why we're committed to recommending insightful books each month to help you make healthier choices and stay informed. 


book cover: sugar crush

"Sugar Crush" is a groundbreaking book that focus on the harmful effects of sugar on the body's nervous system. The book revolves around how sugar consumption can lead to inflammation, impact nerve function, and even trigger a wide range of health problems, including diabetes, carpal tunnel, and fibromyalgia. It provides a fascinating insight into how reducing sugar intake can help reverse nerve damage and reclaim good health.

Six Main Takeaways of the Book

  1. Sugar and Inflammation: The book emphasizes the link between sugar intake and inflammation, revealing how sugar acts as a primary driver for many health complications.
  2. Beneficial Dietary Choices: It presents an avenue to explore healthier diet choices – such as the Paleo diet and gluten-free options.
  3. Sugar's Impact on Nerve Function: It uncovers the detrimental effects of sugar on nerve function, explaining how everyday aches and pains can result from our sugar-laden diets.
  4. Hidden Sugars Awareness: The book raises consciousness about the hidden sugars found in seemingly innocent foods.
  5. Doable Sugar Detox Program: It provides an achievable sugar detox program to kickstart the journey towards a healthier lifestyle and aids in overcoming sugar addiction.
  6. Personal Health Improvement Stories: The numerous personal health stories in the book serve as persuasive evidence of the negative impact of sugar on our health and the transforming power of dietary changes.


About the Author

Dr. Richard Jacoby and Raquel Baldelomar are the masterminds behind the book, "Sugar Crush." A renowned peripheral nerve surgeon, Dr. Jacoby has dedicated his career to treating patients suffering from neurological complications of diabetes. Baldelomar, a talented health and wellness author, lends her expertise to crafting this mind-opening work.