This Month's Pick: Sugar Detox in 10 days

At SIMPLE Bars, our mission is to disrupt the sugar packed snack industry and there's no better way than to empower our community with knowledge about sugar. That's why we're committed to recommending insightful books each month to help you make healthier choices and stay informed. 


sugar detox book recommendation

"Sugar Detox in 10 Days" is a transformative, easy-to-understand resource for those looking to break free from the grip of sugar addiction. The book features over 100 mouth-watering recipes curated to help eliminate sugar cravings, maintain healthy blood sugar levels, and improve overall wellbeing. By following the sugar detox plan in just 10 days, you'll be on your way to a healthier, more balanced life, free of sugar cravings and dependence.

Six Main Takeaways of the Book

  1. Sugar-Reducing Meal Plans: This book offers users four different meal plans based on their unique food preferences, making it easier to reduce sugar intake based on individual tastes.
  2. Educational Information: With valuable insights on the effects of sugar and the hidden sugars lurking in many processed and "healthy" foods, "Sugar Detox in 10 Days" is both informative and enlightening, giving you the knowledge needed to make healthier choices.
  3. Simple & Delicious Recipes: The recipes provided in the book are not only easy to prepare but also delicious. It's a testament to the fact that you don't need loads of sugar to create tasty dishes.
  4. Adaptable to Personal Needs: The author provides various options to dial down spice levels and omit certain ingredients like curry for those who might not be fans of particular flavors. This makes the detox plan more adaptable and enjoyable for a broader audience.
  5. Accommodates Dietary Restrictions: If you're looking to cut out dairy, this book is ideal. The meal plans and recipes cater to those wanting to adopt a dairy-free lifestyle while also eliminating sugar.
  6. 10-Day Approach: Since the sugar detox plan spans just 10 days, it's more appealing and manageable for users who may feel daunted by longer detox plans. The short duration empowers readers to commit to sugar reduction, knowing that the goal isn't too far out of reach.


About the Author

Pam Rocca is a skilled author with a passion for healthy eating and wellness. In her book "Sugar Detox in 10 Days: 100+ Recipes to Help Eliminate Sugar Cravings," she shares this passion, creating a comprehensive guide to help individuals tackle their sugar addiction head-on and make sustainable, healthy dietary changes.