This Month's Pick: Sweet Poison: Why Sugar Makes Us Fat

At SIMPLE Bars, our mission is to disrupt the sugar packed snack industry and there's no better way than to empower our community with knowledge about sugar. That's why we're committed to recommending insightful books each month to help you make healthier choices and stay informed. 


book cover of Sweet Poison

In "Sweet Poison: Why Sugar Makes Us Fat," Gillespie navigates the intricate journey of sugar in the human body, revealing how it reconfigures our biological system and exacerbates the problem of weight gain. Packed with compelling evidence and shocking revelations, this book demystifies the commonly misunderstood effects of sugar. The author unveils the stark realities of consumption of this sweet destroyer and its far-reaching implications on public health. "Sweet Poison" presents an understanding of the sugar-science that is not only illuminative but indeed life-changing.

Six Main Takeaways of the Book

  1. The Hidden Dangers of Fructose: Gillespie emphasizes that fructose, a ubiquitous ingredient in our diets, is at the center of the weight gain issue. This sugar form, often secretly added to many foods, leads to excessive calorie intake and triggers obesity.
  2. Sugar is More Addictive than Cocaine: The book reveals sugar as a pervasive addiction, likening it to dangerous substances like cocaine. Our bodies are hardwired to crave sweets, making it a difficult habit to kick.
  3. The Link between Sugar and Diseases: Gillespie robustly argues that sugar is not just causing weight gain—it's also promoting life-threatening diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.
  4. Exploding the Low-Fat Myth: Gillespie overturns the popular low-fat diet advice. He exposes the problematic low-fat, high-carb diets that deny the effects of sugar and asserts that dietary fat isn't the enemy – sugar is.
  5. The Sugar Industry's Influence: The book uncovers how the sugar industry has been manipulating science and public opinion for its gain, keeping the population blind to sugar's pernicious effects.
  6. Life beyond Sugar: Gillespie provides a practical blueprint for a healthier lifestyle devoid of excessive sugar. His elimination diet champions a myriad of benefits, from significant weight loss to improved mental acuity and overall wellbeing.


About the Author

David Gillespie is an indefatigable researcher and tenacious author who does not shy away from challenging conventional wisdom. His commitment to exposing the damaging effects of sugar consumption has culminated in the insightful book, "Sweet Poison: Why Sugar Makes Us Fat," set to make you rethink your dietary habits.